The Land South of Coldhams Lane, including the lakes south of the railway and land parcels to the north of the railway, is identified as an “Area of Major Change” in the Cambridge City Council Local Plan (2018). As well as built development in line with Council ambitions, proposals include the ecological enhancement of the area, outdoor recreational uses and a new urban country park.

Anderson is the largest landowner in the Area of Major Change. The Chelmsford-based developer held a community planning process in 2018 and has since continued to work with the local community to shape plans for the wider Area of Major Change as well as exploring ideas for the urban country park.

“The Council is seeking the wider regeneration of this area with appropriate redevelopment and the creation of an urban country park to serve the east of the city as shown in Figure 3.4. A masterplan for the area will be developed and this will set out the principal uses, quantum of development and extent of developable land, approach to the built form, circulation and movement, public access and landscape improvements, and future management and funding arrangements for the urban country park. The masterplan and associated transport assessment will need to be developed and adopted before any planning application is submitted. There are two main parts to this area:

  1. the area immediately south of Coldhams Lane (lying north of the railway line), which will allow for appropriate commercial uses on the areas marked A on Figure 3.4 and some outdoor recreational uses and ecological enhancement on the area marked B on Figure 3.4; and
  2. the area south of the railway line, including the water bodies, which will provide primarily passive outdoor recreation opportunities in the form of a new urban country park.

Both southern and northern parts of the site could contribute to the creation of a new urban country park. The areas marked A on Figure 3.4 could provide for relocation of ‘space intensive’ uses such as builders’ merchants sales and storage facilities which are currently located on land elsewhere in the city that could be made available for housing.”

View plan: Coldhams Lane Area of Major Change Map, Local Plan 2018

Anderson has previously worked hard with the community to develop comprehensive proposals for the development of the Land South of Coldhams Lane along with the delivery of a new urban country park for which will see the lakes opened up for public access. This included a number of community engagement exercises, interacting with thousands of residents and key stakeholders.

Following extensive consultation and discussion with Cambridge City Council, Anderson will now move away from previous proposals to work to deliver development and the country park in accordance with the Local Plan policy in this area.

Residents and key local stakeholder’s views and ideas will continue to shape proposals, especially in the delivery of an urban country park for Cherry Hinton and the surrounding area.